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Eco Japan Cup 2009

Hello everyone,

It's Kampanart SILVA. A first degree student of
Environmental & Energy System Course,
Department of System Innovation, Faculty of Engineering.
Now I'm working on the project of Eco Japan Cup 2009.
And we are going to have a meeting today in Hongo campus.

"Eco Japan Cup 2009" is a project of Ministry of Environment.
It prompts people to think about Environmental problems,
and find the way to solve it. We haven't made up our mind yet
whether to attend in the business section or policy section.
So we are going to discuss that at the meeting today.

This program was first help in 2005 and was a relatively small one.
But it attracted many students and private sectors and expanded very fast.
In 2008, there were 584 applications, and 36 of them won the prize.

"Global warming" is a very hot topic today, and government sectors
of many countries are trying hard to find the way to solve it.
As energy is a field which is very close to this problem. I think that
technicians and researchers who are doing their work related to energy,
have responsibility to get together and find the way to solve it.
Actually, there are many ways of contribution.
I, as a student who have no economic or political power, think that
the best way for me (and all other students) to contribute to the
problem is to participate in all these activities and try hard to
do some policy suggestion. And if you have enough energy,
you might found some venture companies, to help to solve the
global warming problem and earn a profit at the same time!

I think I've been talking too much now :)
Anyway, I hope that anyone who have chance to read this blog,
will realize the potential of himself and try to use it in a useful way.
Contribution to solving global warming is only one example,
so please find the place that you can fully use your potential!