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Hi Everyone!
This is Hirotoshi Masuda, one of the organizers of g-Enesis.

I inform you about study session on July 21st.

We invited Kenichi Kato, representative director of PEACEWAVE, and he gave us a productive day.
He has a lot of experience, for instance, studying in US, researching in Taiwan, working at NGO, and now business manager. It was a quite good opportunity for us to meet such a fascinating person who has a lot of energy.
His contents were composed of two topics, one was his company relating to eco japan cup and the other was his experience.

we organize study session once a month.
So if you get more information, please contact us.








Debriefing session of AGSAM&SSS2009 and MIT Energy Conference

Hello again! I'm Taisuke Yoshida.
I also want to introduce you about the session held by g-Enesis and Executive Board in 19th June.

Before getting into main issue, let me introduce whole structure of our student groups.
As in the picture below, our energy club g-Enesis and Executive Board are parts of AGS-UTSC(SUS+). And SUS+ consists of five groups, Executive Board, CCWG, Sus-edu, SUS+ Global, WWG and g-Enesis. Of course, all are related to "Sustainability".
You can check the activities of these groups here http://ags-utsc.org/.


The main contents of the session are (1)Report of AGSAM&SSS2009 and (2)Report of MIT Energy Conference. Actually, the content of our presentation was the same as the previous session (Please look at the previous article of this blog). So I want to abbreviate the detail.

We felt glad because there were many participants and they seemed to get interested in our activities. In fact, we have many interesting activities now, I would like to say "I WANT YOU!" as the picture says.
We are really looking forward to your participation!!



Orientation session of g-Enesis at Kashiwa Campus

Hello, I'm Taisuke Yoshida, president of g-Enesis.
I feel happy because I could start this blog and introduce our activities.
If you are interested in our activity, do not hesitate to contact us!

This time, I would like to report our orientation session at Kashiwa Campus held in 18th June.
The contents are (1)Introduction of our activities and (2)Report of MIT Energy Conference.

First, we talked about our vision, past activities and our future.
As you know, our vision is to contribute to achieve sustainable energy use from the students' point of view. To achieve it, we have held study sessions, made policy proposals and joined international conferences such as MIT Energy Conference.
We are going to improve each activity and make more output-oriented energy club in the near future. We welcome anyone who are interested in our activities, please join us!


Next, we reported MIT Energy Conference, which was held by students(!) in MIT.
Four students in University of Tokyo, including me joined that conference supported by AGS.
We met a lot of people, not only students but business persons, researchers and politicians.
Through the conference, we realize the gap in the energy situation between Japan and foreign countries such as US and EU. In those countries, Energy seemed like a key issue in the political and business field. At the same time, we were overwhelmed by students who joined the conference. They had own speciality and strong problem consciousness. Communication with such students was a great opporunity for us.
This year, we are going to call for participants for MIT Energy Conference. If you are interested, please apply for it!


Fortunately, there were a lot of participants, so we could hold a fulfilling session.
I really appreciate everyone's joining.
Thank you, and looking forward to meeting you in the next meeting!